There is a plethora of strong academics of African heritage in the UK.  However, our presence in educational spaces is minimal and our contribution to academic disciplines under exposed. This committee will serve as a place for scholars of African heritage from a wide range of academic disciplines to share the hegemonic and heterogenic impact of their work.  Far too often, the excellent works generated by the scholars are overlooked and not accorded the prominent intellectual position of global minority works. Members of the committee will provide a forum for stimulating intellectual debate on normalised African perspectives of discipline, whilst challenging status quo scholarship and building a body of knowledge to ensure disciplinary enlightenment.


The committee will interrogate how disciplines are designed, developed, shaped and delivered within UK institutions to determine the ways in which they may be re-established within an African context. 


The committee aims to bring a multidisciplinary approach to research development and create a curriculum spanning a range of disciplines which reflect the scholarly works of Black academics and writers from the UK and the African diaspora: the intention is to design a primary through to university level UK Black Studies Curriculum.


We have an unyielding commitment to challenge Eurocentric epistemological and ontological notions of discipline and embrace silenced global majority notions.

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