Postgraduate Development

The association's aim is to create and connect with new and existing postgraduate networks to ensure the future growth and development of the next generation of scholars researching Black Studies in Britain. We will support graduates and postgraduate students across the interdisciplinary fields of Black Studies to complete their studies, gain access to funding, and also to find employment. To do this we intend to develop postgraduate seminar forums where students and scholars can present their on-going research. The postgraduate forum will:

  1. Circulate information about funding opportunities, conferences and events

  2. Develop a Black Studies Postgraduate Research Forum

  3. Support publications and opportunities to publish in the Association Journal

  4. Enable scholarship and contact between traditional and new interdisciplinary fields

  5. Help organise postgraduate workshops and events at the Blackness in Britain bi-annual conference

  6. Represent the interests of Postgraduate members within HE.

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